LOVE 3CE Collection

Image of 3CE Love Collection

LOVE 3CE Collection

New release – 3CE has launched their latest collection titled “LOVE”. The collection is inspired by vintage toys and beautiful fun filled memories of when you were younger. The LOVE 3CE Collection consists of a moisturizing cushion, 5 duo tone eye shadows palettes, 6 cheek blush palettes, 6 glossy lipsticks, 6 matte lipsticks and heart shaped hand mirrors in 3 shades.

LOVE 3CE Baby Glow Cushion (SPF 50+, PA ++)

32,000 won / 12g
2 Shades – Ivory Cream (001) and Medium Beige (002)

Image of 3CE Baby Glow Cushion - 3CE Love Collection

LOVE 3CE Baby Glow Cushion

High-gloss oil and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid
Gently wrap your skin and finish your skin as smooth and moist as baby skin texture.

LOVE 3CE Shadow Duo

19,000 won / 3.2g
Textures rich in color are transparent and clean .
Eyeshadow that completes a lovely layered eye makeup with a sensual duo color .

Image of 3CE Shadow Duo Eye Shadow - 3CE Love Collection

LOVE 3CE Shadow Duo

Image of 3CE Shadow Duo - 3CE Love Collection

LOVE 3CE Shadow Duo – all 5 colors

LOVE 3CE Cheek Maker

19,000 won / 3.8g

Image of 3CE Shadow Cheek Blusher- 3CE Love Collection

​LOVE 3CE cheek maker

Lovely colors that are clear and bright,
The cheek make-up is complete.

​LOVE 3CE Glossy Lipstick

20,000 won / 3.5g

Image of 3CE Glossy Lipstick - 3CE Love Collection

​LOVE 3CE Glossy Lipstick

Baby lip that seems to be full of moisture
High Glossy lipstick favorite soft, smooth texture melts on the lips touching moment

LOVE 3CE Velvet Lipstick (matte)

20,000 won / 3.5g

Image of 3CE Velvet Lipsticks - matte - 3CE Love Collection

LOVE 3CE Velvet Lipstick

Elegant, soft texture glides comfortably over your lips ,
The color is rich velvet veil comfortable , long lasting lip color is maintained for a long time .

​LOVE 3CE Heart Hand Mirror

Cute and lovely heart-shaped and sweet candy-colored
LOVE 3CE hand mirror.

Image of 3CE Heart Hand Mirrors - 3CE Love Collection

Love 3CE Heart Hand Mirrors

*All images belong to 3CE

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  1. Omg this Love collection from 3CE is too cute! I love the packaging and all the pastel colours, so pretty! I really want to try the Baby Glow Cushion sounds awesome and the shell shaped case is too adorable. What can I say, I’m a sucker for nice packaging

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