Review: Asian Skin Solutions Low Level Laser Treatment with Omega Light

I have been experimenting with light therapy at home of late, as I’ve received a couple of devices to review and try out at home, and it’s safe to say, I’m convinced of its efficacy over time. Of course home devices will not offer the same level of professional care that you can receive when you’re at a specialist, and so I was exceptionally excited when I got to try out Asian Skin Solution‘s Low Level Laser Treatment (with Omega Light).

To be completely honest, I’m not such a big facial fan (a horror story years ago that resulted in a beauty blogger suffering a severe breakout over an extended period of time left me scarred, sorry, pun unintended), and because of that I tend to be very picky of the salons I visit. Of the three locations peppered around central Singapore, I chose the Paya Lebar Square outlet which was a 5 minute drive from my studio. I’d half expected it to be smaller, tucked away in a corner for no reason other than it was in the “suburbs” (as compared to Novena and Dhoby Ghaut), but it was surprisingly spacious with a large, welcoming frontage.

The therapist who took me through my session was May, the head trainer for Asian Skin Solution, and I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment, beyond the facial itself, just because of the amount of skincare knowledge May was sharing with me. I’ve been slacking in the skincare department, and I feel like that hour alone with May kind of renewed my interest in taking better care of my skin.

First up was makeup removal, followed by cleansing – double cleansing, in fact, to remove all traces of makeup and dirt to make sure we start on a clean canvas before going on to the rest of the treatment.

Asian skin solution: applying skin softener

Next was skin softener and a gentle cool steaming to enhance the skin softening effect. The vitamin C present in the skin softener helps to exfoliate the skin and rid the surface of dead skin cells, paving the way for a more effective extraction.

Extraction was completely pain-free, and it’s not because I have a high tolerance for pain (because I remember clearly, flinching at previous extractions before), but May used an interesting technique of gently pinching the area around the extraction point to somehow de-localise (?) the pain? I’d never experienced another extraction like that before, so it was definitely eye opening, and something I might just practise at home when I’m picking at my spots.

Following the extraction was the fun part! Massage! May gave a mean massage as she skilfully pressed all the correct pressure points, and I imagine my face emerged much less puffy and “sharper” after. Then, it was time to kick back and enjoy the star of the show, the LLLT treatment! Containing 7 different light levels, the Low Level Laser Treatment (with Omega Light) is completely pain-free, and helps to rejuvenate the skin by emitting different wavelengths of light energy in the different layers of the skin, and helps with a myriad of skin issues ranging from acne, to pigmentation, and aging concerns.

Asian Skin Solution: LLLT Therapy with Omega Light (1)

Asian Skin Solution: LLLT Therapy with Omega Light (2)

After the LLLT machine, it was time for a nice, relaxing cream mask! I love thick gooey masks like these, it just makes me feel like the archetype of old school beauty (minus the cucumber slices on the eyes.) Also, I’m a pretty ADD type person who can’t seem to relax during such situations, so having a thick mask applied over my lids was surprisingly relaxing for me as I had no choice as to.. relax.

Asian Skin Solution: Applying cream mask

After the cream mask came off, we rounded off the session by applying toner, moisturizer and sunblock! Typically, by this time, I would be feeling a little fatigued from lying around, and would usually just make a beeline for the door. This time though, I felt so relaxed, and my skin super recharged that I managed my way out in a slow exit.


All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Asian Skin Solution, it was a tailor-made experience, catered to my skin concerns – pigmentation, aging, and beyond its efficacy, was super relaxing and overall enjoyable. Being in the hands of May also made me feel like my skin was well taken care of, as she was clearly an expert in her field.


If you’re keen to try out LLLT, you can book your LLLT 7-steps trial session at $68. To enjoy the promotional price, message Asian Skin Solution with the code <LLLT:Cinddie> on their Official Facebook Page or Instagram.

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Asian Skin Solution

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• Paya Lebar Square: 60 Paya Lebar Road #B1-37/40/41, S(409051) +65 6243 6180

• Square 2: 10 Sinaran Drive #03-11/19, S(307506) +65 6266 6760

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