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Phew 2020 sure went by in the blink of an eye. Before we knew it, the year has passed, and we’re commemorating the end of a crappy year with renewed hope for the next with feasting, feasting, and more feasting. With the current situation, I know things could have been way worse, so I’m not complaining too much. As lockdown restrictions eased, and we could started going out again, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t quite been up to date with pretending to lead a healthy lifestyle (much like all the fitness gurus that were birthed out of lockdown), and this coupled with the year end feasting, has not been great for my figure at all.

As 2021 rolls around, I promise to lead a more healthy lifestyle and try to incorporate better eating habits and regular (light) exercise into my routine, but until I fully get into the groove of things – I needed help, and this is where Bottomslim came in.

I was introduced to Bottomslim a couple of months back, and was thoroughly impressed with the immediate results that I saw by the end of the first session. Being in a room with the consultant also forced me to be honest with myself and confront all the body image issues that I had with myself – thick waist, and chubby thighs. I’m all for body positivity and inclusivity, but I know that at this point, I’m definitely not looking my best, and that was the whole point of going for the treatment. To stop ignoring the things I disliked about myself, and to start working on self improvement.

This time around, I opted for the Slimlit Treatment. This is a four part treatment within a session, which I will break down and explain in futher detail below, but first! Here’s a short video of what went down! (Also, I bought that first outfit a year ago and could NEVER fit into it, so I’m pretty pleased about that!)

E-Matrix – Detoxing (20mins)
We started off with the E-Matrix, which uses infrared radiation to improve metabolism and blood circulation. It essentially just entailed strapping on blocks onto my problem areas which helped with detoxifying the body, as well as lymphatic drainage, and did not cause any discomfort (or sensation) at all.

50K Treatment – Break down the inner layer fats, Firming (20mins)
After 20 minutes of chilling with the E-Matrix machine, I was fully expecting a somewhat uncomfortable massage to happen because, after all, beauty is pain right? NOPE. The next part of the treatment was called the 50K, which basically felt like a comfortable massage with some micro-currents, along with a high frequency pinging soundtrack from when my fats are targeted and broken down. This part of the session helps to break down the innermost layer of fats (stubborn fats) as well as firming. There is no sensation to this treatment either, though the pinging sound may be scary for some.

Body Vibration Exercise – Burn Calories, Improve Blood Circulation (15mins)
This part is kind of fun – my legs were lifted onto a little platform which swung from side to side, creating a motion which served to help burn calories and improve blood circulation. My uncoordinated ass found myself weirdly going out of sync at time (DON’T ASK ME HOW), but other than that, it’s really quite fun!

Wrap – Shaping, Sculpting (15mins)
This is the part where I pretend I’m getting a postpartum massage and wrap – I was slathered in a gel, and then wrapped tightly in cling wrap. It was kind of fun and funny, and I really wanted to laugh at myself but then wrap was kinda tight, so, vicious cycle. I quite enjoyed this last part of the treatment because 1. I’m kinda weird, and 2. It was kinda fun pretending to be a mummy. I asked the therapist to leave me standing up so I could take more mirror selfies just because I was so tickled by it.

All in all, I had lost 3cm on my hips by the end of the session. I was pretty mindblown because I really wasn’t expecting that much of a difference considering how the treatment was so comfortable and it almost felt like I didn’t work for it at all. (Once again, I know I’m weird. There’s no need to remind me). If you’re keen to try out Bottomslim’s body shaping services, you can check them out at the locations listed below.


Tong Building

302A Orchard Road, Tong Building #06-03A
Singapore 238862

Novena Square 2

10, Sinaran Drive, Novena Square 2 #03-11/19
Singapore 307506

Nex Mall

23, Serangoon Central, Nex Mall #03-31
Singapore 556083


2 Jurong East Central , B1-01
Singapore 609731

Paya Lebar Quarter

10 Paya Lebar Road #03-24
Singapore 409057

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