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To be perfectly honest, I was never so much a “body” person. You know how some people have pretty faces, and others have a banging body (Don’t ask me why I never considered that someone could have both, I was just being…not greedy ok?), and my focus has always been what went on above my shoulders. I guess I had somehow resigned to fate that I’d never be one of those girls who just look good from head to toe. It’s weird how my perception of beauty has also changed throughout the years. While I used to be more into the whole k-beauty trend – fairer skin, and a preference for more girly makeup, I see myself now veering towards more American beauty styles – tanned skin, contoured makeup and a more toned body.

In any case, it somehow clicked in me, over the past year or so, that I actually have a pretty decent base to work with, towards a more healthy-looking physique, and that I should at least attempt to evolve into a more levelled up version of myself. I don’t claim to be someone who works out a lot – in fact, I’m really quite the opposite, but there are certain activities I really enjoy, like long walks, and anything that allows me to release short energy bursts, preferably in a team or group setting where I can’t really.. give up without looking like a quitter. I still have problem areas like my lack of a waist, as well as my chubbier-by-the-day-thighs (which I’ve gotten some help with from Bottomslim – read my review here), and while I can try to fake a curvy figure by working out that booty with squats, there are just some areas which you simply cannot work out. Can someone please tell me how I can work those boobs out?

Enter Tokyo Bust Express

So I’ve been to Tokyo Bust Express once before, and during the consultation, we had decided that I wanted to full works – enlarging, firming, and lifting. My previous experience was really good as I saw a marked difference before and after the session. I won’t lie though, there was some level of discomfort involved, but it was definitely worth it for the results it provided.

The treatment that I tried out was the Bust Serenity Treatment, which was a four part session which a scrub, a suction, followed by a massage, and ended off with a mask, and here’s how each part of the treatment went!

Enzyme Scrub
First up was a gentle bust scrub done with a gentle massage. The enzyme scrub served to gently exfoliate the skin on the bust and to remove dead skin cells so that the efficacy of the treatment that followed could be improved.

Perk Me Suction Machine
Following the light gel scrub, a specially formulated purifying essence was applied to my bust, before my favorite bit of the session – the suction cups. I know, I may be the minority, but I really enjoyed the high pressure suction massage from this part of the treatment, I think the fact that it was a constant pressure pattern also made it rather comfortable and relaxing to me as I knew there were no surprises. The cups were placed on my bust and the pressure was slowly adjusted by the therapist to an optimal level which balances comfort and efficacy. The purpose of the suction is to reshape, and reposition any runaway fat from the underarms, to create a fuller and rounder looking bust.

Nope, not instant huge knockers, just suction cups…

Hand Massage
And then we went on to the massage! It can be a little odd having someone massage your breasts (I’m the type who’d always opt my boobage area out of any spa/massage sessions), it just feels like too much contact for me. Somehow though, the professionalism of the therapists made me feel quite at ease, do that didn’t quite bother me at all. A Japanese Hand Massage technique was used to unblock and drain my lymph nodes, which serves to help undo some of the effects of my unhealthy habits, you know, junk food, late nights, all the norms for me. I must admit, this part of the treatment can get a little uncomfortable, you can request for your therapist to go lighter, but I have found that the added pressure does contribute to the effectiveness of the treatment. So if you can endure the pressure, just go for it and you can thank me later!

Essence Mask
We rounded off the session with a relaxing collagen gel mask – besides its obvious calming benefits after the massage, the main purpose of the mask is to help fortify the skin structure, and to give the bust a plumper and firmer look.


All in all – always an enjoyable experience, I did see a marked difference in the way my boobs looked and felt for the next couple of days, and I’d imagine that it would require regular sessions for any results to be more permanent. I’d just leave the photo image of my nipple position as proof of results! B4 refers to the nipple position taken before the treatment, and you can compare against “After” in the image – can’t make this stuff up!

If you would like to enhance your breasts, or even give them some TLC and learn more about bust care, you can visit any of the Tokyo Bust Express branches listed below for more information!

NEX Mall

23 Serangoon Central #03-31
Singapore 556083


10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111/112
Singapore 307506


123 Penang Road #07-13
Singapore 238465


2 Venture Drive #01-30/31
Singapore 608526


60 Paya Lebar Road #01-26/27
Singapore 409501

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Review: Tokyo Bust Express

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