Review + Try On: Barbie x MAC Limited Edition Lipstick 2020

Just got my hands on the newly launched Barbie X MAC Limited Edition Lipstick, and dammmnnnnn I’m sold. The collaboration lipstick is inspired by the lipstick worn by the iconic doll, and is described as a cool-toned bubblegum pink shade, that is universally flattering.

I mean, universally flattering? That’s a pretty tall order – with the assortment of skin tones and shades out there. Being Asian, I’m naturally more warm toned – I got myself tested, lol, with Etude House when they launched their customizable lipstick shades, and apparently I’m a neutral, leaning towards warm skin tone. This means that shades with more yellow in them would look better on me, but since I’m somewhere near the center of the spectrum, slightly cool tones would suit me as well. My go-to lip shade is usually a nude pink / or peachy pinks if I’m feeling a little more playful.

Anyway, back to this stunning Barbie x MAC Lipstick – I was pretty doubtful – the lipstick in the flesh looks a little more mauve-pink, a little more muted and toned down, which is not a shade I’d usually wear because my skin would come off looking a little dull and grey, Somehow though, when worn on the lips, the shade seemed to pop a little more, and I’m pretty obsessed with it. Here are a few images I’ve shot wearing the lipstick – you be the judge!

This matte lipstick is packaged in a gorgeous, GORGEOUS gold casing, which I fully appreciate because it’s really easy to pick this out from the ton of lipsticks I have, without having to check the shade at the bottom (YES I AM THAT LAZY). I wore the lipstick on its own, and being a matte shade, I must applaud that it was not drying at all.

So here I am, fulfilling my wildest Barbie dreams. with this stunning lipstick.

Price: To be updated
Where to buy: To be updated

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