Pepsi Cola 1-2-3. Anyone played this in school before? Or is this just a Singaporean thing?
To be honest, I’m kinda hazy on the details of this game, and I’m reading the game mechanics now, feeling pretty sure that I’ve never played it right before.

In any case, here’s a tee shirt I picked up at Zara a couple of months back. To be fair, I’m not a Pepsi fan, they just happen to have a better looking (and less overused) logo than Coca Cola.

When in Singapore, layer like the Singaporeans do. Which is light, Really light.

Really digging the whole fishnet stocking layered look, fishnets are making a comeback, and depending on how you style it, can really make an outfit pop (in a good way!) My (maybe flawed) theory is that the fishnet to layering piece ratio should be somewhat like 1:5, or the fishnets should only occupy at most 20% of your outfit. Not too much fishnets else you risk looking like you belong on some street corner.

Another piece I’ve been recently obsessed with, are these fur lined slippers from Zara. These have risen the ranks to become my almost everyday choice of footwear, simply because they’re so easy to slip on. and off. And also because I’m a really lazy person.
About the look
Pepsi Tee Shirt | Zara
Jeans |
Faux Leather Knapsack | ASOS
Fur Lined Slippers | Zara
Fishnet Stockings | Topshop

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