A couple of months back, I attended the launch of FOR BELOVED GIRL in Singapore, and walked home with a box set of facial sheet masks, and being the sloth that I am, put them in a corner and promptly forgot about its existence for a little bit.

Fast forward a few months, and I stumble upon the pretty, bright pink box, and thought “hey, why not give these a try?”. To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t quite taken a good look at the types of masks in the box then, and just plucked out the one for hydrating to try out. My skin has been periodically breaking out – like those damned whack-a-moles at the amusement park, once I managed to get rid of a zit, a new head will pop up somewhere, and the cycle continued. I’d been battling the issue, head by head, with Mario Badescu’s drying lotion, not realizing that drying my skin out was actually causing it to break out even further.

Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud Silk Mask Review

As I broke the mask out of its packaging, even in my mask-noob mind, I could kinda tell that they are different from the usual sheet masks, the material of the mask itself is somewhat perforated, lightweight and really fit the face like a glove.

The mask was soaked with essence, and while most would say that the extra white plastic makes application easier, I actually don’t like it. It just gives me something extra to do (peel it off and throw away) which just makes more work for a lazy girl like me. Packaging aside, the mask fit really well on the skin, and held on snugly while I sat up on my bed and watched Game of Thrones. I had it on for about half an hour, peeled it off, and tapped the excess into my skin, while draping the mask over my neck (just to squeeze any extra goodness out of it). That night, I went to sleep without putting anything else on my skin (no toner, serum, pimple cream/drying lotion, moisturizer), and I woke up the next morning with my skin looking better than it has in a long, long time. Somehow my potential zits calmed and reduced in round-ness, and became lighter overnight. While they didn’t completely disappear, it was still a huge improvement. So for all of you oily-skinned girls who don’t realize how important hydrating is, IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Oily skin is actually a sign of dehydrated skin, as sebum is produced to prevent further moisture loss through the surface of the skin.

About For Beloved Girl

Famed for their amazingly effective (and pricey!) Bio-Cellulose masks, the founders of For Beloved One debuted For Beloved Girl and its series of Mineral Cloud Silk Masks earlier this year for all the beauty junkies on a budget (like me! yay!) The six mask series utilises different minerals, each targeted for different skin types and concerns, and here are the six of them, and what they do in a nutshell.

For Instant Skin Renewal – Use Ca, as it contains Calcium Lactate , and softens dead skin to enhance pore cleansing efficiency, and accelerates skin metabolism.

For Extreme Moisture – Use Na, as it contains Sodium Hyaluronate which provides non stop, round the clock hydration, which fortifies skin function and soothes fatigued skin.

For Dull, Uneven Skin – Use Fe, the Ferric Citrate in this formula works to activate brightening mechanisms, and restore flawless skin from within.

For Puffy, Saggy Skin – Use V, as it provides the skin with a revitalising boost, and invigorates your skin with Potassium Chloride to reduce excessive water retention.

For Oily, Combination Skin – Use Zn,  Zinc Gluconate regulates oil secretion and restores the perfect hydro-lipid balance to skin.

For Aging, Fatigued Skin – Use Cu, Copper gluconate, works to create plumpness from deep within the skin while smoothing fine lines, bringing ultimate hydration and repair to aging or fatigued skin.


What I think

Since I have not tested the efficacy of the other masks in the series, I can’t say much about how they work, but I really liked the hydrating one that I tried out. At SGD$16 for a box of 3, the mask is pretty good value for money in the low-mid price category, not to be used so much as a daily mask, but maybe once a week as a treat for your skin or before important occasions!

Where to buy: Sephora (and from October 2017 onwards!)

Price: SGD$16 for a box of 3 masks

Will I buy: Yes

Exclusive Promotions

Online: Purchase any For Beloved Girl’s cloud-silk mask on and receive a  single sheet of For Beloved Girl Renewal Cloud-Silk Mask (worth $6)

In store: From 28 Sep 2017 – 8 Nov 2017, get a a single sheet of For Beloved Girl Oil Control Mineral Mask (worth $6) when you purchase two boxes of For Beloved Girl masks at Sephora

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