Liz K First C Youth Mask – By Kim Chung Kyung


Liz K First C Youth Masks – By Kim Chung Kyung

Liz K, a leading brand of pure vitamin C cosmetics and winner of 2016 Korea Year’s Hit Product Award and 2016 Korea Beauty Industry Award for their First C Serum has launched the Liz K “First C Vitamin Mask”, a 3 new face mask series containing pure vitamin C, patents and know-how from their hit serum.

The Liz K First C Youth Masks contain pure vitamin C, the key ingredient of the masks as well as amino acid, antioxidant complex and fullerene. The sheet masks use various patents in each function to deliver intensive whitening, elasticity, moisture and soothing. In fact, the sheet itself is a patented cellulose mint fabric that gives a cooling sensation while calming your skin when used. The product does not use whitening or bleaching agents, making it safe for those with sensitive skin.

First C Youth Vitamin Mask
The First C Youth Vitamin Mask contains Intensive Vitamin C and other ingredients to improve facial lifting, dermatome density, resulting in a firmer skin. The mask, recommended for those who want strong and elastic skin, also helps alleviate facial swelling and helps maintain general skin health.

First C Hebe Vitamin Mask
The HEBE Vitamin mask was made for those who want clear and transparent skin. It contains an additional hyaluronic acid and helps reduce melanin production and improves your skin tone.

First C Flora Vitamin Mask
The Flora Vitamin Mask has botanical ingredients added for those looking to get a moist, smooth and somewhat shiny skin. It improves moisture balance and radiance in the dermis and also helps improve and calm skin damage.

All three Liz K Vitamin Masks retail for 9,000won, 25g packs.

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