Completed my jacket drafting/dressmaking course and I’m surprised that my jacket ended up looking pretty legit!

I mean, I’m not awful at sewing (I’m not great either, just not awful) but I tend to be a little bit more on the careless side. Plus I’m the annoying type of careless person who discovers that they’ve made a mistake just as they’re making it. Anyway, I kind of expected myself to run into issues like seams not lining up, or pieces not fitting together (especially when there are so many pieces involved in a 2 piece sleeve jacket), but hey, good for me, didn’t have any issues at all, I guess all my overthinking helped! *gives self mental pat on back.

So here’s my jacket, in all its full glory. Fits me like a glove because I prefer an over-sized fit,

Chose a salmon-pink shade for the lining. Regretted the color almost immediately after buying the fabric, but I guess it kinda works.. if you don’t look at it. Also, visible chalk marks for a more raw feel. Right.


Wearing my tatty cotton on tank. Last I counted, it had 3 holes in it. I usually wear it for sleep, but I also wear my PJs out on a semi regular basis. So. I guess it’s safe to say that labels don’t mean a thing to me.

About the Outfit
Camo Jacket | SELF MADE
Tatty White Tank | Cotton On
Lace Skirt |
Shades | Clic Clac

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