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Mermaid Hair

Okay, my hair was getting incorrigible so I hauled my ass back to 99 Percent Hair Studio to get some of Ann’s magic touch on those distressed tresses. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see that I’ve been spammin my feed with pics of my new hair! I can’t help it! I’m sorry! (no I’m not actually sorry) I usually get my hair touched up within 2ish to 3 months but this time, I decided to just let my hair rest a little bit more and went in after 5 whole months. (Yes, I am amazed myself too)

This time, we opted for something a little bit more mystical and fun, and went for a Mermaid style purple, blue ombre hair colour. I wanted something totally instagram-worthy, yet still really true to my own aesthetic, and pretty much left Ann to decide on what we would do, and she delivered perfectly on both my requests. The thing I appreciate the most about Ann is how much she understands your likes and dislikes, and that, to me is the most elusive and often underrated characteristic of a great hairstylist. Technical skills aside, do you know how hard it is to find someone who GETS YOU? Seriously. Finding a stylist you are comfortable with, is WAY harder than finding a boyfriend. (Lightbulb moment: How about Tinder but for hairstylists?)

Each strand of my hair was painstakingly coated with bleach (without touching the scalp, mind you)  3 times, to lighten my roots so that they would match the rest of my head. After that 3 rounds of touch up and toning which included Olaplex 1 and 2 as well, my hair was back to its former glory of a really even platinum blonde. (Well, former glory as in like since 2 years ago. My friends all tell me that I can never go back to black ever again because that would be .. weird) All that work (about 6 hours at this point of time) was spent just creating a clean canvas for the magic to happen.

This is where all the art began, my hair was separated into panels at the top of my head, and each section was alternated with a vibrant blue or purple at the roots, and then dulled down to a more pastel version of the shade down to the ends in an ombre fashion. This, was honestly, so much work for a full head of hair. People often ask me how I could sit in a chair for 8 hours to get my hair done, and that’s not even a question to me –  sitting down was the easy part, compared to all the good work that the stylists were doing. All I did that day was sit, get up, lie down to get my hair washed, hold my pee in, sit, wonder if it’s a good time for a peepee getaway, get up, lie down, pee and then just triple that sequence.

It’s pretty amazing how many people stop me on the streets just to tell me how much they love my hair. Since my salon visit, I have had more than 10 random strangers come up to me and tell me how beautiful my hair colour is, and that’s really a lot because I am hardly ever outside the confines of my home and office.

So after a day at the salon, here’s how my hair looked. The results are nothing short of amazing, and once again, Ann has managed to turn my raggedy hair into something so beautiful I could not (for the love of God) believe that it was me under all that hair.

Here’s a rare image of Ann and I. I’d wanted to show how cute Ann was, but she’s pretty camera shy, so here’s the best shot I’ve got on hand! Also, look at that hair color and gradation! I’m usually be a little apprehensive of blue because of its tendency to go a little too ‘cosplay’ for my liking, but nope, this totally worked for me – the blues and purples together created a mermaid-worthy head of hair!

So YAY, for the Great Singapore Sale, 99 Percent is running an awesome promo for all customers! Between 22 May and 23 July, non members enjoy between 5 – 15% off their hair/nail/hair+nail services, while members will enjoy up to 20% off.

Great time to get those tresses in order, I’d say! More details can be found on their Facebook page here.

99 Percent Hair Studio

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