Review: Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer

Reviewing the Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer

If the eyes are the windows to our souls, then our eyebrows would be curtains. And curtains are pretty damn important. That’s why they cost so much.

OK, that was my weak attempt at being deep, but I can’t think of anything else, so I guess this will suffice, for now.

I was very kindly gifted Veet’s latest lady gadget (no, not that, you perv) – the all new Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer, to test out, and now I can’t believe how I gone on all these years without a product like this. Like, in retrospect, this is actually something that all girls need – an all in one trimmer for our face, peach fuzz, chin fuzz, whatever, as well as for the bikini line!

Let’s open it!

The trimmer comes in a plastic packaging which, I must stress, is very easy to open! Honestly, I’m so tired of hard plastic packaging that makes it impossible to remove the product. Why do manufacturers and brands do this to us? Do they secretly hate us, or what?

It has a handy tab at the top left, which you just pull to open, and ta-dah! Everything is laid out all nicely, just waiting to be used! It comes with a battery included, (Thank God, because I HATE digging around the house for spare batteries which are usually just lying around but never seem to surface when I actually need them) so you can just pop the bottom off and the battery in, and start removing those hairs!

One trimmer to do it all

The trimmer is about the size of an electric toothbrush, which makes it really handy, and perfect for travel.  There’s no need to lug around multiple trimmers, tweezers and what nots –  just one beauty trimmer will do the trick.

Two heads are better than one

It comes with the 2 sided precision head (for eyebrow trimming) already on, an additional bikini trimming head (for, well, the bikini line), 2 comb attachments for both of the trimming heads, and a convenient little carry pouch to put everything in.

Twist to turn on/off

The twist on/off function makes the trimmer easy to hold and use without accidentally triggering it to go off while in use, and it comes with a little cleaning brush to remove any residual hairs from the trimmer heads, as well as a cap for the precision head.

Bye bye moustache!

I’ve used this to remove the stray hairs around my brows, as well as my (don’t judge) moustache, and I can safely vouch that there is no way you can hurt yourself with the trimmer even if you tried. This is pretty idiot-proof, and there is no skill required to operate this beauty tool, you just need to know how to, well, aim.

Price: $44.90

Where to buy: Major pharmacies nationwide, Qoo10,

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