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Time flies and we’re currently in the month of September, this coronavirus has really done us all in.

Lots of time indoors, less sports, less activities and lots of stuffing my face with all sorts of snacks that really can’t be all that great for my body, has left me feeling pretty blah. While I usually prefer just good ol’ dieting and some form of sports (don’t judge me, really not a fan of exercise, but to my own credit, I do try. Occasionally.)
However, I’ve also come to realize that, there’s only so much diet and exercise can do – I’ve had problem areas that always remain regardless of whether I’m chubby or not so chubby, and that’s my lack of a waist. When I am slim, I look like a slim ruler, and when I’m not, I’m just. pudgy. Here’s where Bottom slim comes in.

Bottom Slim is a slimming centre that offers targeted, body shaping services. You go in, identify the key areas from the bottom half of your body (so. your tummy, hips & thighs) that you want to work on, set an objective, and together with your therapist (and of course, taking in mind, your own lifestyle choices as well) work towards it. I weighed myself for the first time in a gazilion years because somehow, I’ve never believed in weight as an accurate measurement. I usually just eyeball my body, or gauge based on how my clothes fit. So, that weigh in was a huge reality check for me. I was also faced with the task of taking a good look at the mirror and talking out what I needed to work on. Renny, my therapist, and I, concluded that my areas would include my waist, lower tummy, and love handles I never noticed before that I had. (#realitycheck)

Renny was very patient in explaining the processes and next steps to me, whilst also reassuring me that I wasn’t in the worst shape so that was a huge consolation. After the consult, we headed into the room and I changed in my disposable undies (which I find really amusing for some reason, I don’t know why, my mind is weird) and we started the treatment, which would take about an hour or so.

Before I dive into the treatment, let’s talk a little about fats, shall we? So feel yourself up a bit, and you’ll notice that you have soft, jiggly fats, as well as tougher type of fat on your body (if you don’t, I don’t want to talk to you). Apparently, harder fats are fats that have been deposited for a longer period of time, and is thus more stubborn, and more difficult to get rid of because of poor circulation. To help remove this stubborn fat, the first step of the treatment entailed massaging those stubborn fats so that they can be broken down and lost more effectively.

I will be honest, and let you know that there is some degree of discomfort to the first (and key) treatment that was performed. Basically my tummy and love handles were roller-suctioned and kneaded like bread to break down the fats under the skin. I’m not going to get scientific here, because that’s not why you guys are here, and also because I don’t know how to. Just imagine suction cups being rolled on your fats while being pushed, hard. The discomfort went away within a couple of minutes as, either my pain tolerance went up, or my pain receptors got used to the feeling, so, just know it’s not all that much to worry about.  10 minutes on each side and we were done! At this point, I could already feel some difference in the shape of my body – here’s an image comparing both sides of my body, the left being the side that has been worked on, and the right being the before shot. There’s some difference in the shape, but do bear in mind that my sides was probably a little swollen at this point.

Vacuum Therapy on waistline and lower tummy: Before and After

I then had large, what I can only describe best as LEGO blocks, strapped onto the areas we were working on, which were my tummy and sides, and Renny strapped some extra ones on my inner thighs as well because I was lamenting about the loss of the imaginary thigh gap I thought I once had.
This treatment is the Oxifat Blast Treatment, where lasers are used to break fatty cells apart, reducing the volume of fatty tissues. An added benefit of this benefit that is commonly seen, is the tightening of skin around the treated area. There wasn’t supposed to be any feeling, as it was an infra ray treatment, but I did feel some heat in my thighs, so I’m guessing it must have had a pretty big effect. I don’t know if it is an Asian thing, but I love feeling that heat, it just feels like something is happening.

Laser Lipolysis on the lower tummy

After 20 minutes of just chilling in the room, feeling the heat under my butt, Renny came back in to release me for my holds and it was on to a soothing massage with the g-boost (contains ginger, spicy!) which concluded my session.

Massage with G-Boost which contains ginger extract

I know it defies all logic, but somehow I did not take a proper before and after shot to document this journey, so I will review this to the best of my ability without these. Here’s a vlog about my experience that day – watch to know what you can expect before heading down.

I do feel trimmer after the session. I can’t say that there is a massive and obvious difference, because it was just one session, but I can only describe my body as feeling tighter, and slightly less pudgy. The more obvious difference would be in my love handles as I felt like there was a pretty obvious unit of measurement when I could pinch my handles previously, and I can’t seem to really have any to hold on to now.


Like I described – minimal discomfort. As long as you’re mentally prepared for it, you have nothing to worry about. I somehow went in with the mentality that I lie down and be hooked up to some non-pain-inducing-machine that would just magically melt my fats away, so it was kind of a surprise for me.



Get the Oxifat Blast Treatment at only $20.00 (usual: $500), when you DM Bottom Slim’s Facebook page with the code [BS-CINDDIE]. Valid for first 20 redemptions only. Share Bottom Slim’s Facebook page on your own socials to redeem an additional surprise goodie bag when you receive your treatment. *Terms and Conditions apply.



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