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Hello. I’m Cinddie, a Singapore based fashion and beauty blogger.
Yes. You read right. It’s Cindy with a die.And yes. I am acutely aware of the ‘misspelling’ and have learnt to cope with it by responding to all possible permutations of my name including but not limited to ‘Candy’, ‘Candice’, ‘Cynthia’, and most commonly, ‘Cin Die’.

For me, this space is an outlet where I write about my favorite fashion and beauty trends, and any other interesting and random things that I may come across in life, plus my take on countless random and seemingly unimportant issues. Here are some random (but actually very relevant) facts about me below;

I love junk food, and I make up for it by ordering a coke zero with my upsized Mcdonalds meal + ice cream cone. (Hey, that’s how it works, right?)Last but not least, if you ever catch me looking pensive / perplexed / deep in thought, I’m usually just planning my survival strategy in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Come say hi and I’ll snap out of it. I don’t bite! (or do I……)

Anyways, I love uncovering new brands and hidden gems, and I’m very much open to collaborations and advertorials. So if you are an independent store owner/brand, and you’d like to be featured, just hit me up at cin(at)fashbrown.com to say hello!