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99percent hair studio singapore cinddie

I’m so happy to be writing this post.. because.. UNICORN HAIR!

I had the privilege of working with a talented hair stylist, Ann Lye, from 99 Percent Hair Studio at Haji Lane a couple of days back, and I’m seriously thrilled to be able to write a post on this under-the-radar salon.

Anyway, because my hair is pretty badly damaged from the repeated bleaching I’ve subjected it to over the past year, Ann suggested a grey/silver toned base, with a hint of pastel peeking from the bottom on one side. When she said pastel, I was ALL IN. I CANNOT say no to pastel, it’s hardwired in my DNA to agree to anything as long as it’s in pastel.

So. Ann, knowing my taste, suggested pastel, and not just any pastel, she painstakingly painted a gradient pastel rainbow on the side of my head. It’s so pretty that I wish I could walk around wearing my pastel rainbow hair in front of my face. Just the rainbow painting alone took about an hour, several top ups of dye (possibly because of my oversized head) and a whole village documenting the process. Also, I’ve never seen a stylist cling wrap their shoes before so that was a first.

Here’s what went down at the salon;
Roots touch up – 2 rounds of bleaching with Olaplex treatment
Toning for the base silvery grey color + pastel rainbow on one side
Hair trim because my hair was atrocious and kept knotting at every opportunity they had
The total for the service would come up to about $409 for a senior stylist, to $439 for a creative stylist.

What I really liked

I must say that the application of the bleach was very gentle. There’s usually some form of stinging involved during hair bleaching which I take with gusto because I’m an idiot who likes to pretend to have a high tolerance for pain. I feel it, I tolerate it, it doesn’t quite bother me, but now it kind of does because I realize that it does not have to hurt or sting or invoke any form of sensory experiences for that matter.

The stylists, all of them, are very gentle on your hair. As mentioned earlier, my hair has a very high propensity to knotting, and they were very careful to brush my hair ends carefully with a wide toothed comb first (in fact I have never seen a wider toothed comb) before combing from the top. I know it seems like a small thing, but when you have bleached your hair over and again, EVERY strand of hair that falls from your head feels like a huge loss.
Well, to me, at least.

99percent hair studio singapore cinddie

To be fair – I did not photograph my hair at it’s nicest. This is slept-in hair which I had conveniently forgotten to brush. (Don’t ask why, I’m not a huge fan of brushing my hair and so it slips my mind most of the time)

99percent hair studio singapore cinddie

99percent hair studio singapore cinddie

99percent hair studio singapore cinddie

Products & Other Stuff

To be honest, I was looking at the products used, and the only one I really recognize is Olaplex because it comes highly recommended by all stylists and my girlfriend bought me a bottle when she came back home from Canada for the holidays. I’m not too sure whether or not it retails in Singapore.

Anyway, the point I’d like to make is: the reason why I’d strongly recommend 99 Percent, is their people. Not sure if I made it clear enough in my review above. But there are a couple of products they used which seem pretty great so here’s my very inexperienced take on these products.

99percent hair studio singapore cinddie

These are the dyes they used on my hair. The colors are to ‘dye for’ (yes, lame I know, but I just had to) But to be fair, the 1 hour water painting sesh was the true winner here.

Also, when my hair was done done and done, these 2 products were used as well.

99percent hair studio singapore cinddie

O’right Yogurt Hair Mask

This product is a leave-in hair mask that was worked into my hair after blow-dry. Essentially this hair mask works by penetrating the hair cuticles and forming a protective membrane on the surface of the hair.

O’right Golden Rose Oil

Containing only all natural ingredients, the Golden Rose Oil is formulated with selected golden rose essential oils and water soluble silicones. The oil works by repairing your cuticle scales and restoring gloss to your hair.

These felt pretty good on my hair – no greasiness, or heaviness that I get with certain hair products, and my hair felt smooth and bouncy, and they smelt good too. The boyfriend compared me to my dogs after grooming, so I guess that was a compliment.

Everything you see is Ann’s genius. I cannot pretend to have a part in this other than planting my butt on the seat for 7 hours and agreeing to pretty much anything she suggested. I realize I could have caught a flight to Seoul or someplace in Australia in that time, but the time spent in the chair was well worth it because I really do love my unicorn hair.

99 Percent Hair Studio

40 Haji Lane #01-01
Singapore 189233
Tel: 63963667
Instagram: @99percenthairstudio
If you get lost, just follow the cool kids with the great hair

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