Review: Lululun Face Mask – Pink, Blue & White Review

Image of Lululun Face Mask - Pink, Blue and White packs

It’s time for some facial masks

Have you ever torn open a packaging of a sheet mask, just to wonder why you’re opening pack after pack of sheet masks but only consuming so little? This was something I’d often thought about – it just seemed like such a huge waste to me, not to even mention the hassle of opening a pack each time I wanted to do a mask. (Hey some sheet mask packs are not that easy to open k, and yes, I am also incredibly lazy, I know)

Image of Lululun face masks - packs of 7. Pink White blue

In comes Lululun into my life, maybe some of you may be familiar with this brand – they are, after all, the best selling sheet mask brand in Japan, selling over 300 million pieces in Japan alone. It’s a new, and honestly ingenious idea to me, if you’re going to be doing a sheet mask everyday, why not package it in a convenient, and environmentally friendly way? Also, the savings are passed on to the consumer, us, as each sheet mask works out to cost between 70 cents and a dollar ish, as compared to individually packed masks which usually cost upward of 3 dollars each. (And before you ask me why you should even do a mask a day – I’ve got that covered, down below).

About Lululun

Lululun is a Japanese skincare brand, and their core products are high quality sheet masks at affordable prices (basically, everyday prices). They’ve been around for more than 5 years, and have gone on to become the most talked about daily mask brand in not only their home country of Japan, but Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, and now, Singapore!

Their sheet masks are additive, chemical, fragrance, color, and mineral oil free, which make them really gentle for everyday use, even for those with sensitive skin.

Lululun Classic Series

There are 3 main types of masks in Lululun’s classic series , namely – Hydrating (pink), Deep Moisturizing (blue) and Whitening (white). They all contain the same base ingredient of Hyaluronic acid which keeps collagen synthesis up and aids in anti-aging.

Image of Lululun Face mask - Pink - Moisture

Lululun Hydrating Daily Mask (7 sheets / 42 sheets)

The hydrating daily mask is available in 7 sheets ($7.90) and 42 sheets ($29.90), and share many similar ingredients to the deep moisturising mask. The ingredients in its list are; hyaluronic acid, royal jelly, rice ceramide and aloe vera extract.

Royal jelly is great for retaining moisture and keeping the skin supple , while rice ceramide relieves dry skin and reduces spots and pigmentation on the face and aloe vera extract leaves the skin feeling soothed and incredibly hydrated. (I can attest to the aloe vera part because my mum used to force feed my face with aloe vera when I was a teen)

Lululun Face mask - blue - Deep Moisture

Lululun Deep Moisturizing Daily Mask (7 sheets / 32 sheets)

The deep moisturizing daily mask is priced at $8.90 for the weekly pack, and $29.90 for the box pack. It shares most of the key ingredients with the hydrating daily mask, except replacing the aloe vera extract with citrus and seaweed extracts.

Citrus extract reduces the amount of dead skin on your, well, skin, which then means that nourishing essences can be more easily absorbed into your skin, while seaweed extracts contain essential fatty acids which basically lock in moisture and keeps your skin looking healthy.

image of Lululun Face Mask - taking a piece out from the box - whitening

Lululun Whitening Daily Mask (7 sheets / 32 sheets)

The whitening mask (also $8.90 for a pack of 7 / $29.90 for 32 sheets) differs quite a fair bit from the other two masks – containing ingredients like plantago seed major (which by the way, is not like plantain-the-banana-wannabe, and please don’t google plantago major because somehow they look a little disturbing to me. See how I just took one for the team?), prune extract, and vitamin C derivatives.

Plantago seed major helps to prevent dark spots and freckles, and also to minimize the appearance of pores and scars, while prune extract and vitamin C derivatives all work to reduce dark spots, scars, and overall anti aging.

Image of Lululun face masks - packs of 7. Pink White blue

A mask a day…

So rewind to a year ago, when suddenly it hit me that I wasn’t young anymore, and therefore needed to give my skin a little more attention (which was easy because my regime then comprised of 1 step – washing). I started with a sheet mask, and then another the next day, and another the next (you see where this is going?) Then, I hadn’t heard about the notion of masking everyday, it was just something I experimented with, and man, the effects were pretty mind-blowing. My skin was better than it had ever been, I was glowing, and my blemishes somehow all went away. Back then I was really just using a mish mash of random (and very possibly expired) masks and even then the results were notable.

Image of Lululun Face Mask - About to put it on

After a while, though, I hung my masks up, and gave up on the idea of daily masking because firstly, I didn’t like the process of opening a new mask pack everyday. (I don’t know why this bothers me so much but it does, and it gets exponentially more annoying when the masks have plastic in between them, and I don’t know, I have fat fingers that are not very dexterous which perhaps is a reason why I hate doing anything which require any type of precision with my digits.)

The second reason being – I hate that I have to lie still and not do anything for 10-15 minutes while I just.. lie in wait? And don’t think that you can just put the mask on and go to bed because it does not work that way. This is a PSA, do not leave your mask on your face for too long because it will dry up and suck out from your skin whatever goodness it was providing in the first place.

The final, and the most pragmatic reason is – it got too expensive to mask everyday. If a typical mask from a Korean beauty brand costs $3 a sheet, I’m practically spending more than $20 a week on sheet masks alone.

Enter Lululun…

So the thing that I love about Lululun, aside from its economical packaging, is that the mask is weaved with little microfibers into its thin cotton material which makes it adhere to the skin better. I could just put it on, and go about what I normally do without giving myself a neck strain from looking up. One thing I’ve also noticed is that the mask size is smaller and a whole lot thinner than other masks, which makes it perfect for asian sized faces – another pet peeve of mine is having the edges of the mask flap out from all directions just because it doesn’t fit well and serum just dripping EVERYWHERE.

Image of Lululun Face Mask on my face

The essence on the mask is not thick or gooey, it has a nice watery consistency, which actually gets absorbed into my skin very easily and leaves it feeling incredibly hydrated and soft. The mask is suitable for both day and night use, and I found that using it before putting on my makeup actually helps me makeup sit better and last longer.

Because of its thin mask, and consistency, Lululun masks are the perfect replacement for your daily toner, to provide lots of moisture to your skin everyday without placing too much stress on your skin. Masks with more sticky formula are actually less suitable as daily masks as they’ll clog your pores and leave your skin feeling sticky and heavy. In comparison to hand/cotton wool application, the face lotion is better absorbed (up to 65% increase in penetration), and the moisture stays on the skin up to 3 hours longer. (Yay to more moisture!)

It’s affordable!

At $29.90 a month, this is a lot more affordable compared to the other masks I have tried. Well, if you actually sit down and do the math, it’s like almost a quarter of the price of using an individually packed sheet mask.

Image of Lululun Face mask on me

Lululun Launch Promo at Watsons

As part of their launch in Watsons, you will receive a limited, seasonal premium strawberry sheet mask pack (7 sheets, U.P.$7.90) with any purchase of the classic series boxes ($29.90), while stocks last. If you happen to pop by a Watsons, go and grab a box pack, and try a month of masking. Your skin will thank you for it.

Lululun Face Mask Moisture – Pink 42pc – $7.90
Lululun Face Mask Extra Moisture – Blue 32pc – $8.90
Lululun Face Mask Whitening – White/silver 32pc – $8.90

Lululun Face Mask Moisture – Pink 42pc – $29.90
Lululun Face Mask Extra Moisture – Blue 32pc – $29.90
Lululun Face Mask Whitening – White/silver 32pc – $29.90

Where to buy:
At all SASA, BHG ALT Concept Stores, Tokyu Hands, and now Watsons.


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