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Looking at street style images, I always get a teensy bit jealous (well. a lot actually, I just don’t wanna seem uncool) of all the glorious layers that people can put on and look so great in. I love layering, that’s a fact, but by day’s end, most of the layers have already been peeled off while I ferment in a concoction of my own perspiration + whatever dirt and traffic gunk that I’ve magnetized over the course of the day.

I guess layering is feasible if you’re working in an air conditioned office, and are blessed enough to have an entirely air conditioned route to work, but sadly, that’s not the reality for the most of us in Singapore. To be fair, I am one of those lucky people, but the air conditioning unit in the van is broken and I can’t be assed to fix it as it’s due in the junkyard in a couple of months.

Here’s my Singaporean take on layering -thin, lightweight, breathable layers with fabrics that wick well.

About the outfit
Tee shirt | Zara
Turtleneck | Uniqlo
Denim Skirt | Topshop
Black Belt | H&M

By the way, I’m taking part in Female Magazine’s Female GP Best Dressed Edition! Am super blessed to be placed alongside many other very stylist contestants. If you like my style, give me a vote (or 2. or 3! Heck. Give me all your votes, that’s 3 a day) at

Cinddie T

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