I have been OBSESSED with this pair of boots ever since I saw them on, well, Kim Kardashian, and was over the moon when I found these babies – the Brylee Clear Perspex Pointed Toe Long Boot for a steal on Public Desire.
I mean, realistically speaking, how often am I going to be able to wear this pair of boots without passing out from the heat? I was not prepared to blow a lot of cash on this one, and the great thing was, these were only retailing at £55 with a 20% off for Halloween! (Always search codes before making any online purchases!)

Because I wasn’t sure if it would fit my around my leg, I went a size up from my usual shoe size, which proved to be the right choice. These fit me almost perfect, and I like how they kind of crinkle up to look more relaxed and less like some sort of packing material. Took the risk and wore these for the Female GP Finals last week and I was surprised at how comfortable these were – I lasted the whole evening in them! Though I must note, that walking and sitting was made slightly less convenient, but it was a sacrifice I was prepared to make for this stunning boot!

Given how comfortable these are, chances are, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in my outfit posts! By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I just really enjoy shopping with Public Desire because of their wide selection of statement (and affordable) footwear, and so far, my orders have been problem free, so yay!

About the outfit

Guess Denim Jacket | Vintage, thrifted from Bangkok, Jatujak Market
Sixers Jersey | Vintage, thrifted from Bangkok, Jatujak Market
Distressed Denim Shorts | For the love of God, I can’t recall, lol
Perspex Long Boots | Public Desire

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