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So it’s that time again, where I head back into 99 percent to get my hair refreshed and touched up back to awesome-ness. This time, though, Ann decided that a scalp and hair treatment was in order before the actual bleaching process.

As much as I’m into how my hair looks, I must admit that I’ve not given scalp care much thought, ever. To me, it has always just been something that my hair grows out of, and that’s that. So a healthy scalp is actually a lot more important than it seems, and a healthy, clean, unclogged scalp will mean healthier hair that grows longer faster, less hair-fall and susceptibility to balding.

Some background about my scalp and hair – I have an INCREDIBLY greasy scalp, and I’m guessing that’s the reason why I can sit through bleaching sessions without feeling too much discomfort, but that also translates to a lot of scalp gunk and build up which in turn leaves my hair looking very flat and greasy, all while having very fluffy (read, dry) ends. After diagnosing my issue(s) (there were many), Ann went ahead with a 6 step treatment, starting with a purifying scalp mask to flake the damned oil and gunk off my scalp and unclog my pores – kinda like a facial for my scalp. It started with a vigorous, but I must say, very comfortable massage of my head with product, which got those oil balled up and flaking off,like dandruff, but grosser.

After cleansing, I was headed straight for a nourishing mask. By then, the pores on my scalp were unclogged which meant that the mask treatment was extra nourishing for my tresses.

After the treatment mask, we olaplexed the hell out of my hair. If you’re new to the bleaching game, and are not familiar with Olaplex, it is a 3 step hair repair system that permanently repairs the bonds in your hair that has been broken during chemical/bleaching processes. Olaplex #1 is a bond multiplier, which is usually mixed into the bleach before bleaching, or can be used as a standalone treatment like we did in my case. Following that was Olaplex #2 , a bond perfector, which was left on my hair for about a good 20 minutes for the bond mending to take full effect. The last step, the hair perfector, was a take home treatment which I did in the comfort of my own home.

We then finished off this treatment session with a smoothening mask, to calm my frizzy hair and give it a soft, silky finish. At this point, my jaw had to be practically scraped off the floor because I honestly could not believe that my hair had the capability to feel that smooth again. (I headed straight back to film my Etude House Wonder Fun Park Collection Review, so pop to the link if you wanna see how my hair looked right after)

The treatment package that I enjoyed was 99 Percent’s Exclusive Care Treatment (x2). Priced at $169, you can to choose any three of their available hair/scalp treatments for this package. Just drop in and let the stylist take a look at your head situation and they’ll recommend the most suitable treatments for your hair condition. I had too many issues with my hair so I basically took up 2 x exclusive care treatments in one sitting!

Also, I finally succumbed to Ann’s well-given advice that I should trim off those damaged ends, and we went for a straight, blunt lob – totally my style because I prefer fuss-free styles, and also I have this possibly irrational fear that my hair will melt if I use any heating tools on it, so I’d rather just stick to the basics.

And now it’s contest time! As part of their 6th year anniversary promotions, 99 Percent Hair Studio is giving away 3 sets of hair/makeup/nail services worth $600 each! Hop on over to their Facebook page to take part.

99 Percent Hair Studio

Orchard Central #04-10/11
Tel:6238 3667

40 Haji Lane #01-01
Tel:6396 3667

42 East Coast Rd #01-03 MODA
Tel:6702 7062

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    You have lovely hair Cinddie. I wish there’s a branch of 99 percent studio in my place 🙁

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