Peripera Tint Water New 2017

Peripera Water Tints 2017 NEW

Peripera Tint Water New 2017

Peripera is back with their new 2017 Tint water in 5 vivid fruity shades. The super affordable Peripera Tint Water retails for KRW7,000, 5.5ml

“Responsible for everything from youthful to innocent, five colors that are as vivid as fruit juice”

Peripera Tint Water Colors:

No. 1 cherry juice, No. 2 pink juice, No. 3 orange juice
No. 4 mandarin juice, No. 5 strawberry juice

Image of Peripera Water Tints 2017 Swatches

Peripera Tint Water 2017 swatches

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Peripera Tint Water is priced at KRW7,000 for 5.5ml at

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