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The latest of the Korean beauty brands to hit our sunny island is none other than beloved W.Lab, which ranks highly amongst bloggers and youtubers alike. Just a quick search on Youtube and Google pulled up tons of results for this brand, and though I hadn’t heard of it previously, my interest was piqued.

What is this brand about, and why are so many bloggers raving about it?

Thanks to the lovely team at MyFatPocket, I had the opportunity to be one of the first to test out the brand when it landed on our shores last month, with its launch held at KBella at One Nassim. The number of products they have in their beauty arsenal was jaw-droppingly plentiful, as the salon space was converted into a beauty product-museum of sorts. Everything you can hope for in a beauty brand was there – from sheet masks, to facial masks, peels, bb cushions, eyeshadow  palettes, you name it – it was there. While the brand boasts its minimal usage of chemicals in their products as a major selling point, there was a huge range of cult beauty products like egg white masks, charcoal products to banish those damned blackheads and reduce pores, and milk products for the coveted Korean fair skin.

All us guests were sent home with an abundance of products to test out – trust me, it was really a whole ton of products, and while I’ve been trying to test them out for past month or so, I haven’t quite gone through everything. Here are some of my favourite products from the bunch that I’ve tried, and why.

Milk Protein Cleansing Foam $29.90 for 150ml

This cleansing foam contains milk protein, nuts and beans extracts which thoroughly removes dirt from your pores and refines your skin.

It’s light and gentle on the skin, and has little granules which make the skin feel very throughly cleansed (without that icky squeaky dry feeling) after use. I’ve been using this since I received it and its probably my favourite product out of all that I’ve tested so far!

Milk Protein Cleansing Balm $29.90 for 100g

To be fair, this is my first cleansing balm that I’ve tried, so I don’t really have any other products to benchmark this against. It did a really good job of removing all my makeup, and using it was kinda fun! Also, using a warm towel to clean off the balm was super soothing for my perpetually irritated skin. It’s also scent-free, so yay for scent-sitive people!

One Day Henna Tint

Ok I wish I had the price to this because I really love how this works. I tried this out in #01 Girl Crush and it gave a really natural rosy tint to my lips which I absolutely love! This lip tint is potenttttt.. I dotted it on my lips, and used my fingers to spread it out because I wanted it to look more like a “just came back from a run” kinda flush as compared to a full on va va voom red. Warning though – if you intend to dot it like I did, please spread it out fast because it will leave a stain on your lips rather quickly.

Image of wlab korea pore tightening pack

Black Kill Pore Tightening Pack $30.90 for 70ml

10 mins after application and I look like an extra on the set of the walking dead. This stuff is pretty damn effective and leaves your skin feeling firm and supple after washing the mask off. I’ve got.. well, rather thick skin and so it takes like industrial grade stuff to make it feel like something’s taking effect. This one definitely feels potent enough for me – I’m not too sure how it’d work for people with sensitive skin though!

I’d really wanted to give the bb cushions a try to see how they fare against the other bb cushions I’ve tried, but my recent sleep deprivation has been wreaking all sorts of havoc on my skin recently and makeup doesn’t seem to sit well on my face, so I’ll leave the bb cushion reviews to another time!

Where to buy:

Lazada, Zalora, all Sasa outlets


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