Lululun introduces new 2017 Renewal Packaging

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Lululun’s daily sheet masks – they had me sold with their fuss-free and very affordable weekly and monthly packs. The benefits of masking daily is by far, better than other topical skincare tricks that I’ve tried. Even if you don’t have dry skin, hydrating your skin properly is very important to maintain a healthy and clear complexion!

This fall, Lululun has updated their packaging to amplify the benefits that it brings to your skin. So what does changing up the packaging got to do with the efficacy of the masks, you ask? Let’s dig deeper into this.

Lotion Volume (1 pc)

Based on a single mask sheet, Lululun has increased the amount of lotion in each piece by 35% – 42%, depending on the mask type. More lotion = more goodness for the skin! Yay!

New Facial Mask Design

The brand has upgraded and plumped up its microfiber mask from 0.42mm, to 0.6mm. The new design boasts a 3-layer structure, with the middle layer locking in the skin toning lotion, and the outer layers supporting the penetration of the essence into the inner layers of your skin.

The mask design is now cut wider to fit a wider face area, and specially designed to fit and thoroughly moisturize the corners of the eyes and mouth. More allowance is also given for the nose as well (yay for me because most masks don’t fit my nose so well, sadly) !

As per before, the thin texture of the mask is designed for daily usage in mind – this is so that the skin can absorb the right amount of toner, and does not place too much stress on the skin. The material of the mask is 100% cotton, woven with microfiber to increase its adhesiveness to the face, and this makes the mask perfect for slapping on your face whenever, as you can still go about doing whatever it was that you were doing in the first place. (Probably not eating though)

The 2017 Renewal Packaging is available in all 3 of Lululun’s classic series – Hydrating, Deep Moisturizing, and Whitening.

Lululun Hydrating Mask – Pink

The hydrating daily mask is available in 7 sheets ($7.90) and 36 sheets ($29.90), and it’s suitable for all skin types. Formulated with mandarin , the mask works to give your skin an instant brightness by creating a layer of protection over the skin which reflects light easily. It also contains Glucooligosaccharide, a prebiotic that selectively fuels the growth of the healthy bacteria on your skin while simultaneously inhibiting the growth of detrimental bacteria, which results in beautiful skin and increased skin immunity.

Lululun Deep Moisturizing Daily Mask – Blue

The deep moisturizing daily mask is priced at $8.90 for the weekly pack, and $29.90 for the box pack, and it’s suitable for dry to combination skin. The mask contains tricolor and lemongrass extract which both promote moisture circulation within the inner skin, and works to increase moisture, elasticity and barrier function of the skin. It promotes deep hydration, as it contains hydrolyzed baobab leaf extract, and has the water-holding capacity of plants which survive in the harsh environment of Africa.

Lululun Whitening Daily Mask – White

The whitening mask (also $8.90 for a pack of 7 / $29.90 for 32 sheets) is suitable for dull skin, and contains 3 types of plants extracts which help you achieve clear, radiant skin. The ingredient Echinacea extract has a high anti-inflammatory effect which treats damage caused by UV rays, and enhances the skin’s immunity. The extract of Prunus Yedoensis Leaf helps with inflammation as well, while Bilberry Leaf extract contains anthocyanins (found in purple foods!) which enhances skin elasticity and radiance.

So add to all the reasons I listed in my previous Lululun review – affordable price / convenience / ease of use, the new updated packaging also means that you get a lot more bang for your buck (I did compare the weight of the old pack versus the new 2017 Renewal Package, and the new one is pretty significantly heavier!)

Where to buy: You can purchase the weekly and monthly box packs at all SASA, BHG ALT Concept Stores, Watsons & Tokyu Hands stores


Lululun Face Mask Moisture – Pink 7pc – $7.90
Lululun Face Mask Extra Moisture – Blue 7pc – $8.90
Lululun Face Mask Whitening – White 7pc – $8.90

Lululun Face Mask Moisture – Pink 36pc – $29.90
Lululun Face Mask Extra Moisture – Blue 32pc – $29.90
Lululun Face Mask Whitening – White 32pc – $29.90


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